Home Selling guide

How to Get Cash for Your House in Louisville


Do you want to sell your house in Louisville without involving a realtor? Well, we can help you do that. I know it can be s to sell a stressfu. Imagine having to go around looking for money, and no one is ready to pay you. And when selling it is the only thing you want, realtors act as middlemen.


Well, the same people who should help you do that fast make the process too hectic due to their bureaucratic processes. Worse, they then take some of your money and use it as commission. But I am sure you want to sell the house fast!


What to know before selling your house


Well, before you make up your decision to sell the home, maybe you should be aware this! First, you should realize that the buyers will come to not only the roof but also the land and everything associated with the house. Read more about real estate at


You can decide to sell the house with appliances in it, But, that would mean that you will not move anything out of the house. The refrigerator, dishwasher, laundry cleaner, and furniture might go with the buyer.


At other times, you can decide to sell the house only. This will be cheaper, but; you will have your electronics and furniture. One of the best things to understand when doing this is to find out which Premier Home Investment company or individual can be your match.


How to find the best buyer


Now, when you want to find the best house buyer, you should have some things in mind. Here are some of them.




It is money that you need, and that is why you are selling your house in the first place. The price of your home should be fair to your and the buyer. The rule of the thumb is to ensure that you do not end up with the raw deal. This means that you must be conversant with the evaluation process.


The price of any building depends on some factors. The first one is the cost of building; this includes the building materials and labor used. Then, the second is the features of the house. Definitely, you will be selling the HVAC, electric and drainage systems. Finally, you will be selling the land, too. All the three must be on the table during the negotiation. If possible, have different prices for each case. The summation of the three should give the total price of the home. I buy houses for cash, contact me then!